Telehealth And What Align Is Doing About COVID-19

During this time of awareness due to COVID-19, we want to keep you updated on what we at Align Therapy are doing to limit the spread.

Like all of us, we are concerned about the safety of our loved ones, our teams, and our community and we are doing everything we can to minimize exposure to the virus and stop any unintended spread.

(Check out our page on TELEHEALTH for some cool new options!)

What is Physical Therapy’s Role:

Even though Physical Therapy usually is not on the front line of treatment for the Coronavirus, we still play an important role in reducing the number of patients seeing their primary care and other specialists. The more we can do to limit overloading those providers who are dealing with the fallout, the better.

Our patients are dealing with aches and pains, spinal deformities, and pain after surgery…all of which don’t take a break just because there is a global pandemic.  In fact, many of these conditions will get worse during the current recommendations of staying home and resulting inactivity.

Keeping You Safe!

We are here to help get you through this time, and our priority is to keep you safe.  Here are a few ways we are doing this.

Hand washing – Even before this, hand washing was important at the clinic.  We have even stepped this up further and the chapped skin on our hands testify to this!

Spacing patient appointments – One way we are helping our patients keep social distance is to schedule so there are not multiple patients in the clinic at the same time.  We have spaced out our appointments to accommodate this.

Using treatment rooms – We have 3 private treatment rooms, and as much as we are able, we are using these rooms over just treating in the gym space.  The gym space is still used, but we try to limit how much interaction is there.

Sanitizing – All equipment in the clinic is sanitized at the end of the day and then before and after each patient.  Towels and pillow cases, along with all other linens, are washed and never reused for more than one patient.

Keeping distance as much as possible – Being a hands on clinic, keeping a 6 foot distance away from our patients is not always ideal.  Regardless, we are trying to limit close interactions to what is necessary.  If someone does not want to receive manual therapy, we understand and make modifications to our treatment.

Making sure staff are healthy – All of our employees know to not come to work if they are feeling unwell or have been exposed to someone who may be sick.  Every day this is re-emphasized to make sure we are healthy.

What You Can Do!

We also encourage you, if you are feeling unwell, please call and let us know.  Even though in person treatment is best, we have a few options to help you still meet your goals, even if you can’t attend in person.  Here are a few of those:

  1. Telehealth – Over the past couple of weeks, we have been experimenting with using technology to do visits. I have been surprised how well this has gone, and we have had great feedback on how valuable this has been to our patients.

    To learn more about Telehealth and if it is right for you, check out our TELEHEALTH Page. Just Click HERE!

  2. Phone consultations – If you are worried about the technology side of treatment, please consider doing a phone consultation.  This will help us make sure you are doing well with what you are able to do at home.
  3. Emphasis on your home exercises – All of our patients get started on a home exercise program on day one. We can modify this home exercise program in conjunction with a telehealth visit or phone consultation.  We can then make modifications to keep you on track.


    The new exercises may require other equipment, and you can either get these items at the clinic or by visiting where you will find products we use and trust.

As I said, your safety is our priority, but we also want to help you meet your goals.  This requires some creativity and ingenuity during these crazy times.  We are committed to doing what is best for our clients and will stay open and here for you during this crisis.

We even have made sure our bathroom is stocked with enough toilet paper to last through this crisis.  If nothing else, come visit us and use ours instead of yours!

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 801-980-0860 or you can email me directly at

Thank you for your support of my clinic.  Be safe and stay healthy!

David Butler, Physical Therapist



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