Fix Daily Back Pain With Proven Tips For These 3 Common Activities

If you’re battling the relentless grip of chronic back pain on a daily basis, you probably feel like you’ve tried everything.

Ice packs, heat treatments, and maybe even that massage gun that promised miracles but left you wanting more.

You’ve had massages and maybe even seen a chiropractor, yet the relief seems fleeting, if at all.

I get it, and I’ve dedicated my life to helping folks just like you.

You don’t have to let your pain dictate your life any longer.

I run two physical therapy clinics in Lehi and St. George, and today, I’m sharing some expert advice to help you regain your freedom from lower back pain in these 3 common situations that you probably face on a daily basis.

Waking Up with Stiff, Tight Lower Back Muscles

Mornings shouldn’t be synonymous with misery.

I’ve heard countless stories from people who dread getting out of bed because of those stiff, tight lower back muscles.

Here’s what you can do:

Stretch it Out

Start your day with gentle stretches.

While lying in bed, bring your knees to your chest, hold for 15-20 seconds, and repeat a few times.

This loosens up your lower back muscles.

Warm Shower

A warm shower can work wonders.

Let the soothing water relax your muscles, and allow the heat to increase circulation to the muscles in your lower back.

You’ll be surprised at how much this simple ritual can improve your mornings.

Proper Pillow Support

Ensure your pillow supports your neck and head well, keeping your spine aligned.

If you’re waking up with lower back pain on a regular basis, consider the 8 hours before the alarm clock buzzes and see whether your sleeping position is helping, or triggering your bad back.

Sitting at Work or in the Car and Getting Lower Back Pain

For many of us, our daily grind involves long hours sitting at work or enduring tedious car rides. But your lower back shouldn’t be paying the price for it. Here’s some relief:

Sit Right

Invest in an ergonomic chair and adjust it to your body.

Maintain good posture, keeping your feet flat on the ground and knees at a 90-degree angle. This is a great position for your spine and avoids putting strain on your lower back muscles.


Correcting your posture is a good start, but being fixed in any position for too long is a recipe for back pain.

So take micro-breaks, and move regularly.

Set a timer for every 30 minutes if you get too involved in your work and lose track of time.

Make sure to stand up, stretch, and walk around briefly.

It’s a small change that can have a big impact.

Lumbar Support

If you do sit for long periods of your day, consider using a cushion or lumbar roll to support your lower back’s natural curve.

This simple addition can make those hours behind the desk more bearable.

Lifting Your Kids or Grandkids Up

No one wants to miss out on precious moments with their loved ones due to pain in your lower back.

Here’s how you can enjoy those beautiful moments pain-free:

Bend Your Knees

When lifting, always bend your knees and use your legs to lift, not your back. This distributes the weight of your little ones, and reduces the strain on your lower back.

Stay Close

Another tip is to get as close as possible to the child or grandchild when you’re lifting them up.

This minimizes the need to stretch and reach, reducing the risk of injury.

While you might think they aren’t that heavy, their weight is multiplied the further away they are from your body.

Ask for Help

Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance.

Friends and family are usually more than willing to lend a hand, and it’s better to share the joy than suffer in silence.

While we know many people want to feel independent and capable of doing things on their own, this can be a short-term solution while you work with our experts to fix your bad back.

Would You Love To Have An Entire Day Without Back Pain?

You’ve suffered long enough, haven’t you?

Back pain is something that impacts every day.

Whether that’s getting out of bed, at work, playing with your kids, exercising or when you’re trying to get to sleep.

Would you LOVE to have an entire day without back pain?

Well it is possible… EVEN if you’ve suffered for years with back pain, and feel like you’ve already tried everything.

To help you achieve this, I’m offering you a FREE, instant-access Back Pain Report.

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Your friends and family will thank you, but most importantly, you’ll thank yourself.

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