Scoliosis Surgeon Dr John Smith on VBT, Surgery, and Recovery

Episode 7: Scoliosis Surgeon Dr John Smith on VBT, Scoliosis Surgery, Recovery and Treatment.

In this episode we talk to Dr John Smith.  He has been the foremost scoliosis surgeon in Utah and surrounding states, and is well known for his techniques. He was kind enough to spend some time discussing what he does for scoliosis.

One of the main reasons Dr Smith wanted to do an episode is because he has been getting many people interested in a new surgery called VBT.  The problem is many of them are not good candidates.  In this episode, he talks about the specific criteria he uses to determine if they are appropriate for VBT.  He also discusses what VBT is and the benefits.

This is a great episode for anyone who is getting close to surgical range.  It is also good for anyone who wants to know more about scoliosis surgery and a surgeons view on treatment.

In this episode, he talks about:

  • His background in scoliosis surgery
  • What VBT is and who is appropriate for it
  • Regular scoliosis fusion surgery
  • His view on other treatments
  • What recovery is like after surgery

Dr Smith has been a great support to my clinic and is an awesome resource for those looking at having surgery.  He has done more scoliosis surgeries in Utah than any other surgeon.  There are many things you can learn from this episode!

If you are in need of treatment for scoliosis, please don’t hesitate to email us at as well.

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